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The story of Witchcanery revolves around Journeyman Shelley Kesinkowsky, who is not your ordinary witch at all. She prides herself on being a modern witch…she has a computer and internet hookup. The story starts out with her feeling very blue indeed on the first anniversary of the deconstruction of her beloved adopted son Brad. That Brad had actually been a golem recipe gone awry didn't matter to Shelley. Witches weren't made to experience love…they had a task of helping the world go straight—well, round in a straight kind of way, and love didn't enter into it. So when Shelley found she loved Brad with all the fervor of a mother, it was a joy to her and distinctly unsettling to her fellow witches.

Then, just as Shelley was contemplating some soothing deconstruction for herself, her email notifier dinged, not once, but uncharacteristically twice. She got up to investigate the incoming messages…and the rest is history. The tale spins into an adventure of the highest sort, from sleepy Hesselberg, Iowa, to the blue crystal chambers of the Wizards' Grand Council, to deep within the bowels of the Earth, in an attempt to stop nature gone amok and save the Earth from Mother Earth and her deadly team of grinch-natured golems. Go here for random pages of the novel and a more detailed outline of the story.

Kirchman originally wrote the novel in 28 days for the Nanowrimo contest of 2002. In the four and a half years following, the novel underwent a number of revisions. As Sandra put it, "The feeling is sort of like it takes you less than an hour to fly from one city to the next, and then two hours driving from the airport to downtown. That kind of thing." But when the team was satisfied the book had been polished to a satisfying level, it was fitted with covers displaying the beautiful artwork of Karen Sweetland (Acorncupcake). And here it is!

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Witchcanery drew me into a new world and brought me new friends and new heroes, new magic used in new ways. Touching and bright even when things were very dark. And DARK, things get! The world of Sandra Bell Kirchman's Witchcanery spans a great length of time and we are given but a tasty slice - I hope the hints of more are materializing from the fertile grounds as we watch.

Starhawk Victor
User support specialist II
American Red Cross

Highly imaginative. Crisp. Fast-paced. A novel blend of the modern with the ancient. A tale of constructs and covens and finger wagglers, oh my!

Charles Dupré
Colonel, US Army (Retired)

Witchcanery was a fun romp—rich characterization, and a breathtaking rollercoaster ride of magic, love, and good ol' fashioned saving the world! Do YOU know if there's a Witch next door?

Tony Bell
Warehouse Manager

Like a modern day witch, Sandra Bell Kirchman stirs up a tantalizing brew of mystery, magic and imagination. Forget your plans for the evening, grab a hot drink and blanket, and settle in to enjoy the fantastic journey awaiting you in the pages of Witchcanery.

Dr. Cath Kirby
Research Fellow
Monash University, Australia

The book was great--I enjoyed it immensely! It kept me in suspense all the way to the end.

Margaret Paget
Teacher, Retired

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